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Case Study of an LMS Platform

Online Learning in Practice

In today's dynamic world, automating business processes is key to maintaining competitiveness

We had the pleasure of working on a project to implement an advanced LMS (Learning Management System) platform for a client in the accounting industry. The goal was to automate her existing consultations and facilitate the sale of digital products

Client Profile

Our client operates in the accounting sector, offering a wide range of advisory services, such as for individuals planning to start a business. Until now, most of her advisory activities involved individual consultations, which were time-consuming and difficult to scale

The Challenge

The client faced the issue of scheduling a large number of meetings “manually,” which required direct involvement. To increase the efficiency of her work and the ability to serve more clients, she needed a solution that would allow her to automate and optimize these processes

Our Solutions

Automating Advisory Services

Implementing video courses allowed for the automation of individual consultations. This enabled the client to prepare comprehensive educational materials that users can watch at their own pace, eliminating the need for continuous face-to-face meetings

E-books: A New Source of Income

The platform was equipped with an e-book sales module. This allows for easy offering of additional educational materials in digital form, which not only increases the value of the services offered but also generates an additional source of income

Flexible Consultations

The system enables users to schedule “traditional” consultations by selecting a convenient time from an online calendar. Automatic notifications and a simplified purchasing process make schedule management easier for both the client and her users

Automatic Invoicing

The platform is integrated with the wFirma invoicing system, allowing for the automatic generation and sending of VAT invoices for purchases and services rendered. This saves the client time and eliminates errors associated with manual invoicing

User Accounts

Each user has access to their own account, which allows them to view purchased e-books, scheduled meetings, and track progress in courses. This solution increases engagement and satisfaction by offering full control over interactions with the platform

Sounds good?

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