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Stunning and Functional

Designing websites and web applications largely depends on getting to know you, your business, or your idea, and then finding the most effective way to present everything online.

At EZ Page, we recognize the delicate balance between form and function, where an impressive design must be paired with intuitive navigation and a user-friendly layout.

Personalization Above All

Don’t blend in with the crowd! A personalized website will capture the attention of visitors, helping you stand out from the competition. We will:

We tailor the style and character of websites and applications to the specifics of your business every time.

One Website – Many Possibilities

Small Business

Your unique products and services

Present them to customers in an impressive way, combining with a clear price list, a live chat function, a contact form, or directions to your company headquarters


For creative activities

Showcase all your works to the world by implementing an impressive photo gallery and other useful features. Link your new site to social media profiles as well

Event Website

Conference or meet-up

Conduct recruitment in a modern way using your own website. We will implement appropriate forms and email notifications

Product Page

If you have your own product

Highlight its benefits on a comprehensive website. We can additionally design selected e-commerce elements if you plan to sell online


Your articles and thoughts

Share them with your online community! An intuitive blog module can be implemented for any type of website as a complement to its content

Web Application

If you plan more functionality

We are happy to implement a comprehensive booking system, a listing portal, or a solution connecting your customers

Sample Website and Web Application Implementations

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